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March 14, 2019


London, England – Electroneum, a project using the power of blockchain to unlock the global digital economy for millions of people in the developing world, announced today that it has elected Algoz Ltd., a Fingenom Group company, to provide market making services on its token on Huobi Global exchange. ETN, the payment token for the Electroneum ecosystem, will go live on the Huobi exchange platform on March 13, 2019.

Listing ETN on Huobi trading is intended to provide the Electroneum community with diverse and global opportunities to trade their ETN. Huobi is the latest platform on which Electroneum has partnered with Algoz to provide it with its fully automated liquidity solutions.

“We are extremely excited to have ETN go live on Huobi exchange”, said Richard Ells, CEO of Electroneum. “Partnering with Algoz was the obvious choice for us after our successful cooperation in Liquid and Kucoin. We are sure that the Huobi ETN holders will appreciate this partnership, which will provide them with 24/7 of steady and continuous liquidity”.

“The collaboration with Electroneum corresponds directly with our vision to work with the leading players in the crypto landscape, in order to make the digital asset economy more progressive, reliable and accessible” said Mr. Nir Dovrat, Co-CEO of Algoz Ltd. “This reelection is a vote of confidence in our solutions, technology and most importantly in our team.”

About Electroneum: Electroneum (ETN) is the world’s first KYC/AML compliant mobile cryptocurrency and blockchain-based digital payments ecosystem. Electronuem’s solution has been developed for people in developing regions, where access to traditional banking is low. Just one year after its launch, Electroneum has welcomed nearly 3 million users onto its platform. Electroneum’s major differentiation is in its blockchain economics, which enables active users to earn up to $3 USD worth of free ETN every single month, through a feature Electroneum call ‘Cloud Mining’. The ETN earned can then be used to purchase anything from mobile top ups to groceries. In regions where the average person earns up to $30 USD per month, this provides huge economic benefits to millions of people around the world.

About Fingenom Group: Established in 2011, the Fingenom Group is specializing in the development of full infrastructure environment for trading algorithms and the deployment of such algorithms in both capital and cryptocurrency markets. In 2016 the Group established its cryptocurrency operations, and since has become a leading brand, providing various financial solutions such as market making, brokerage and OTC to numerous, including some of the top funded, crypto projects and leading exchanges. With more than 80 employees, of strong background in computer science, mathematics, physics and engineering, the Fingenom Group works at the intersection of finance, crypto and technology.