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Technology is the growth engine of our business. Since 2011 our group has been developing trading algorithms and deploying them in capital markets around the globe. Since 2016, our algorithms have been implemented in crypto markets seeing great success across multiple crypto exchanges.

Predictive Abilities

Predictive Abilities
Algoz predictive abilities are taking into account known results to create, process and validate a model that can be used to predict future pricing outcomes.

Proprietary Pricing

Proprietary Pricing Models
For years the Fingenom group has been developing pricing models which allows us to price any tradable asset. This is done by combining historical and real-time data. Today, we are bringing this ability to the world of crypto assets to enable us to price any crypto asset including exotic pairs.

Integrated Risk

Integrated Risk Management
Adopting Fingenom Group’s high-frequency-trading infrastructure, Algoz’s integrated risk management system contains an extensive suite of tools, which protect all current and future activities and strategies (both traditional and crypto) from errors which could result in a loss in capital.


High-Frequency Infrastructure
Fingenom's HFT infrastructure was designed and developed to support its activities in the competitive ultra-low latency securities world. Fingnom’s infrastructure now supports Agloz’s crypto algorithms and activities. The HFT infrastructure of Algoz uses in-house developed algorithms to analyze the market and realize emerging trends within seconds.