Algoz welcomes Rohan Kapoor

We are pleased to announce and welcome to the Algoz team Rohan Kapoor.
Rohan works out of Italy and adds to our growing global presence. With the recent launch of our world leading, best in class, Quant Pro product, Rohan will give us great coverage throughout Southern Europe as we roll out the safest and in our opinion, best way to earn in Crypto.

With over 14 years of global experience including the last 3 in the Alternative Investments management domain, Rohan has a proven track record of raising capital, sourcing and qualifying deals, generating revenue and EBITDA growth for funds and startups across US, Europe, and Asia. He also has an outstanding knowledge of the crypto infrastructure.

Rohan was attracted by the Quant Pro product, as he explains, “I saw a lot of problems in the industry in 2022 and the development of Quant Pro is the only one that I have seen that directly adresses exchange and management counterparty risk whilst breaking down the traditional barriers associated with hedge Funds. I am proud to be able to represent a product that I genuinely believe is the future of crypto investing”

Rohan joins an Algoz team that recently won their third Hedgeweek award in 2023 and have just launched Algoz Quant Pro – a wortld leader in Crypto Asset Management.

To contact Rohan email