Beyond Technology

Technology is the growth engine of our business. Our algorithms have been tested and trialled in the crypto markets since 2017 creating award winning success.

What have we done that's so special?


Predictive Abilities

Algoz predictive abilities are created from assessing huge volumes of trades over a significant period of time, spotting trend lines and looking for familiar trading characteristics. All of this data is then calibrated in order to predict future pricing outcomes.


Proprietary Pricing Models

Our pricing models are created by combining historical and real-time data.


Integrated Risk Management

Algoz’s integrated risk management system contains an extensive suite of risk management tools; all are meant to protect all trades from errors which could result in a loss in capital. While all our trades are conducted automatically we always maintain trading oversight.


High-Frequency Infrustructure

Our HFT infrastructure uses in-house developed algorithms to analyse the market and realise emerging trends within seconds. This infrastructure supports Algoz’s crypto algorithms and activities allowing for the best available execution of our chosen strategies.