Algoz Sparkles in 2023

2023 was a special year at Algoz and 2024 looks just as exciting.

From everyone at Algoz, we wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. We are very excited about the upcoming 12 months, as anyone who follows us on Linked In will know. Before I explain, let’s just revisit why 2023 was so important.

What a year it was.

  • We created, with Bitfinex, a worlds first with Algoz Quant Pro – the only crypto company to mitigate the commingling of coins, counterparty risk and provide trading transparency all while ensuring you remain the beneficial owner of your coins at all times – This is still unique to Algoz – putting the investor first.
  • The launch of the unique Quant Pro Strategy with its incredibly low draw downs – not above 1.13% in 2023 and returning 18% with a Sharpe Ratio of almost 3
  • The launch of the Ai Quant Pro Strategy returning over 50% net of fees and a Sharpe of almost 4 whilst never surrendering more than 4.4% D/D. 
  • Winning 3 Hedgeweek Awards – something not achieved by any other similar business across the Globe.
  • Advising our clients back in June that BTC would hit $42,000 by Christmas – and of course it did!
  • Flagging up on a daily basis the flood of Trad Fi companies entering the crypto space and why this was so important to the industry.
  • Our new website – – visit now and see last years newsletters for verification.

However, the thing we are most proud of in 2023 was leading the Crypto world in delivering a safer, better way to trade. Quant Pro is our proudest moment. At a time when many were worried, after the events of 2022, we showed that there is a better, more transparent way, giving our investors control at all times. Putting the investors first, something not seen until now. 

So what could 2024 look like?

  • The constant improvement of our strategies – we have already discovered how to increase the annual returns on both of our QP Strategies without increasing risk.
  • The launch of a revised and updated Momentum strategy.
  • Our target for BTC by December 24 is $100,000. 
  • All Crypto to be traded like Quant Pro – at the insistence of regulators around the world – it is already on the books in Singapore where their regulator insists all client funds are held in trust – we are already there. 
  • BTC Spot ETF’s to have over $50 billion invested by the end of June.
  • Interest Rates to decline globally.

Just some of what we expect will be the highlights in the coming year. This is not investment advice, just our thoughts as to where the market is heading. Time will tell. 

I have available a tear sheet that sums up 2023 for our flagship, Ai Quant Pro Strategy. I know you will find it compelling reading and perhaps you might like to find out more about how we are able to produce such quality returns, whilst making the management of risk our number 1 priority. 

Please just book a time with me using this diary link :

Algoz is leading the crypto world in risk management and quant trading. Our numerous awards are testimony to that. It’s time you discovered that there is a Safer, Better Way to trade.

There is Algoz Quant Pro.