December Crypto News

In our June newsletter, we predicted that within two months the new Bull run would start – in late August volume returned and the BTC price rallied. Many are jumping on the band wagon but we were strong, way back in June, when others said differently. 

In our July Newsletter we explained who and why people were predicting BTC to be over $100,000 by the end of 2024. We certainly aren’t there yet but with Blackrock having lodged 757 SEC license requests in the past and only ever had 1 refused, they and the 13 other applications will all hit the market in January with their Spot BTC ETF’s. I expect most of them to be granted as the SEC recently had its fingers rapped by Congress, which I shared on Linked In (If you don’t follow Algoz on Linked In. – you should.)

People often say to me – why will the Spot ETF’s boost the price of BTC – mostly because the marketing power that Blackrock, Fidelity, Invesco, Franklin Templeton and others have, is phenomenal and the endorsement that having them involved in the industry brings is just massive. They want returns for their retail customers and they are working towards creating a huge investment platform into Crypto. Their spot ETF’s in BTC are just an outlier of a much bigger strategy. Initial figures suggest that Blackrock will have over $1 billion within the first month and $10 billion by the end of the first quarter of trading. Thats just one company! 

With that many new people exposed to Bitcoin, do you think they are all going to be happy just having an ETF, when they see what is happening in the wider market? 

It is for this army of new Family Offices, Asset Allocators and Professional Investors, that we created Algoz Quant Pro. Currently the only Crypto investment vehicle capable of eliminating exchange and management counterparty risk. The only investment vehicle with no commingling of crypto within your custodial wallet while they are working for you. Your wallet, your coins.

So far, the most popular of our 4 trading strategies chosen by our investors is our Ai Quant Pro Strategy. I have attached a tear sheet showing how this strategy has performed in 2023 and the component parts within it. I included the diagram because it is the mix of the individual strategies, which we have been trading individually for 3-4 years, that smooths out the normal crypto bumps. In 2023 we have not had a draw down day of 5%. In fact in the 5 year history the largest Drawdown day was 18.9% and that was the day the US went into Lockdown, other than that we don’t have another day of even 10%. Very few that return 100% on an annualised basis over the last 4 year can boast that low drawdown. We think this strategy is very special.

The December announcement we made of our collaboration with Bitfinex is only the start of some big announcements. We continue to be at the forefront of forcing the industry to improve, become safer and better. Look out in January for another three big announcements.

If you would like to talk and find out more, then please, just use this link : and book a time that works for you. 

Algoz is a small company in Crypto but we are the ones driving the crypto agenda to make investing, safer, more transparent and easier to work with. No-one else in Crypto can offer the Quant Pro product yet – they will but not yet; more importantly there is no-one else consistently returning the figures we are and managing risk they way we do. Thats why we won 3 Hedgeweek Awards in 2023. Any other Crypto Funds achieve that?

My biggest fear is that I don’t make enough people aware that there is a Safer, Better Way to invest and earn in Crypto. It is no longer necessary for people to loan out their coins or tie them up – ever again. You should and must always, remain the beneficial owner of your coins. That’s what Quant Pro does and thats why we are the No 1 choice for anyone who is serious about investing in crypto.

I hope that you have a Happy Holiday period and enjoy some quality time with your family and loved ones. I also hope we can work together in 2024 and deliver to you an outstanding product. That’s our mission.