August Newsletter 2023

Algoz August Newsletter - Bullish signals every day!

I hope you are enjoying the summer months if you are in the Northern Hemisphere and that those in the Southern Hemisphere are getting the rains they need. As is traditional in Europe and the US in August things get a little slow as key decision makers take holiday breaks. Volumes on Exchanges show crypto is no different – but that’s not a bad thing. Nothing we have seen in the last month has dampened our enthusiasm and below I have highlighted key events of the last month, coupled with catalysts that look very encouraging going forward.
  • Late August and Early September is the expected time for the granting of the Spot ETFs for a raft of big players – including of course Blackrock, Invesco etc. It’s possible that a large number (there are 8 applications) could get approved. This of course brings lots of marketing money to advertise BTC and of course demand for the coin itself. Estimates suggest Blackrock alone could have $1 billion on board in the first month!
  • In October 2022 Matrixport suggested BTC prices might rally to $63,160 by March 2024. Their reasoning was a bottom being in place before the next halving would see buying in the lead up. They haven’t changed their minds. 
  • Paypal announces it will launch its own stablecoin – they have over 400 million customers who will then have access to a digital wallet and that’s big – Paxos , who are providing the coin have said they have other major companies who also want to white label their own stablecoin – It took 10 years for the internet to have 1% adoption and one year for the next 1%. In 2022 Crypto had a 1% adoption and the next 1% could be just around the corner. Once people have a digital wallet – well you know the rest.
  • Michael Saylor bought another 12,300 BTC for his Microstrategy company in July. He also hinted at selling $750 million in some stocks and buying even more BTC. He is the biggest holder in the world.
  • Coinbase got supported by the courts who told the SEC they must start defining what is and isn’t a security and why. Now that may mean some are securities but at least we will all know. Certainty is everything, uncertainty kills markets.
  • Tether made an amazing $850 million in Q2 – when everyone said they were finished 18 months ago, even in what seems like sideways markets, they just keep performing.
  • and finally – $120,000: That’s the end-2024 price target from the analysts at Standard Chartered, who are bullish, mostly due to reduced supply: In addition to the upcoming halving, mining has gotten more profitable, which means they can sell less of their bitcoin. They also still think BTC could be $100K by end 2023!
These are just some of the headlines that give us confidence in the crypto landscape. From our own perspective we now have four major strategies that we trade on a daily basis. 
  • Market Neutral, which one two awards in 2022 and nominated for 4 more!
  • Multi Strategy that has returned a total yield of over 750% in four and half years,
  • Momentum strategy which is up 12.1% this year,
  • Quant Pro Strategy which is up 9% year to date and returning a Sharpe Ratio of over 3.
All of these are available to choose and swop between for our Quant Pro investors.
For those who aren’t familiar with Quant Pro – our vehicle that provides the elimination of exchange and management counterparty risk whilst providing complete trading transparency and access to your coins at all times, the link below is a video we prepared especially to show you how it all works
Please take a few moments to watch it – those who have, said it makes it very clear and easy to understand. If after watching you would like to book some time to talk further please do so using my diary link
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I know we have the safest, best crypto investment product on the market and I know our trading team are second to none, thats why we have won two awards and currently nominated for another 4. For that reason I would love to meet up and explain more about Algoz. 
I hope we can meet up online very soon and I wish you well.