September Newsletter 2023

September 22 Newsletter

Every day, a little bit better – every day, a little bit stronger.

I know the crypto winter feels like it’s been going forever and in reality it’s been going longer than you think? But it really has been important – why? Let me explain.

It started in March 2022 as coin prices tanked well below December highs. All the high profile company collapses followed in 2022 and whilst nothing much appears to have happened in 2023, BTC did recover from $16,500 to around $26K but there has been no new money in Crypto this year.

But behind the scenes, so much has happened.

Firstly, in Tradfi terms, given that the Nasdaq trades for 32.5 hours per week and Crypto never stops trading,, it means this Crypto 17 month winter has been going for 7 years – if it was Nasdaq trading hours. Most people don’t know that Crypto has now traded for more hours than the Nasdaq – so in reality it is no longer an immature asset class.

So what has Crypto been doing in the last 7 years? Answer – Growing up!

2019-21 were the teenage years for Crypto and most of the time the industry behaved like the teenager whose parents had gone away for the weekend and it “ran amok” . Well here’s the good news Crypto is becoming a fully functioning, responsibility driven, adult. Not quite ready to buy an SUV but at least now recognising the responsibility of upcoming parenthood. Things like, dealing with “proper custody”, compliance, regulation, with more to follow. Take a look at these headlines of the last month and see how it is readying itself for the big – very big, new arrivals that are not far away. (These are highlighted every day on our Linked In page – if you don’t follow us you should)

  • ●  Race for a spot Ether ETF Begins with Bid from ASRK Invest -21 Shares
  • ●  Taiwan takes centre Stage with new Crypto Regulations
  • ●  Solana rises after Visa’s announcement to Support Stablecoin Transactions
  • ●  Colorado DMV Now Accepts BTC payments (weird I know)
  • ●  London Stock Exchange steps into blockchain to support tradfi assets
  • ●  Circle Partners with Mercado Pago to offer USDC to Chilean Customers
  • ●  Industry Experts say Coinbase will win Against SEC
  • ●  X obtains required licenses for crypto payments
  • ●  Blackrock, Fidelity, Invesco – spot BTC ETF’s all to be approved soon
  • ●  Pay Pal offers own stablecoin and partners with Independent Reserve in Australia.
  • ●  HK’s new Crypto Regime sparks family office interest

These are just some of the headlines showing the breadth of companies and countries who are now creating a Crypto strategy and playbook. They would not have done it without seeing significant maturity in the crypto space. All this and so much more is happening right now – and it’s not in the price yet!!

It’s the same with the reason why we developed Quant Pro – to rid coin holders of management and exchange counterparty risk. To provide a transparent, responsible, better way to earn with your coins; and what a superb response we have had from our customer base. Currently Quant Pro is still unique to Algoz and whilst there will undoubtedly be imitators, the one thing the others don’t seem to be able to do is trade these markets as well as us.

The stand outs again last month were – Quant Pro and Momentum who both produced positive figures net of fees. For Quant Pro that is 7 of 8 months positive this year and Momentum is up over 11% in the last 3 months.

Our ability to recognise value, manage risk and apply our machine learned data, accumulated over nearly five years of continuous trading (that’s over 20 years of tradfi data!) is one of the main reasons why we keep winning awards. Hedgeweek US, Hedgeweek Europe and I fancy we might just have similar success in the APAC region when those results are released in October. (We are nominated for four awards)

So my newsletter finishes with a simple message – get in touch now and be ready for what’s coming. It’s time to at least be aware of what’s possible and how much things have changed in Crypto. If you are sitting with crypto doing nothing, start thinking about how this could be working for you. If you have fiat and its underperforming in traditional markets then now is the time to learn how we work.

Book a time and let me explain why I believe our trading team is second to none and why I think Algoz Quant Pro is the only responsible crypto investment product available in today’s marketplace.