More Alpha for Algoz – 2024 just keeps Rolling

Its been another stellar month for Algoz investors. As with previous months I will try and highlight what we think is happening in the world of Crypto and what is driving the market. 

Whilst I try to explain where we have been and where the market might be heading, please keep in mind, the direction of travel is unimportant to us. We are systematic traders and our investment decisions are made not by us but by the algorithms we have created over many years of accumulated data.

However, for many of you who hold coins, you will definitely be keen to know what is driving price pressure. 

  • The continued buying of Spot BTC ETF’s accounted for much of the early upward price pressure during the early part of March. This started to ease in mid March
  • BTC delivered a new all time high on the 14th March – $72,731
  • As predicted by Markus Thielen of 10x Research, BTC retraced right down to $61,509 by the 20th March as there was a lull in ETF purchases, a lot of Grayscale redemption and profit taking that triggered margin calls, which accelerated the downward spiral.
  • Bullishly, over the following week BTC recovered to $71K and only recently came under pressure again. This final pattern is consistent with pre Halving trading as Miners and exchanges position themselves for the big event this month. 
  • The month closed with BTC at just short of $71K – thats seven consecutive months of gains.
  • ALT Coins also improved during that period with ETH up 116%, ADA up 132% and Dogecoin up 217% (All prices based on Coingecko). 
  • Amongst analysts, looking forward there seems to be two trains of thought. Firstly that if we retrace to $59,000 and bounce that is very bullish and distinctly possible, secondly that holding at this level until post the halving is also very Bullish. Seems to me they covered all bases here!
  • Either way if you take the opinion of the greatest investor in modern history, Warren Buffet, who said “If you aren’t prepared to hold it for 5 years then don’t hold it for 5 minutes”, who really cares what happens over the next 30-60 days.
  • The reality is that there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins and we already have nearly 20 million out there. That’s with less than 40% of the worlds population owning a digital wallet – what price will they be when all the world is using digital currency? Don’t think that will happen? My 88 year old mother in law would be completely lost without her I-Phone, i-Pad and the internet – who saw that coming?
  • So if you plan to HODL coins that you believe will be worth more in 2 years than they are now then what about letting us put them to work for you without exposing you to exchange or management counterparty risk. Only Algoz can do that. People who did just that last month enjoyed these fabulous returns.

Our Flagship Strategy AiQuant Pro returned 8.5% net of fees during March. That means, those who put BTC into their unique Zodia Custody wallet, where you are always the beneficial owner, enjoyed an increase in the price of BTC of 15.3% and another 8.5% made by us, making it a combined increase of 23.8%.  With the 54% last month thats a two month increase of 77.8% in just two months.  

It’s also important to mention Algoz is still the only company in Crypto who can provide you with a custody solution that trades only your wallet, no commingling of funds and the mitigation of exchange and management counterparty loss. We have set this up to ensure you receive a safer, better way to earn with your coins. Quant Pro is that vehicle and we are proud to be the company who created it with our partners Zodia and Bitfinex.

Isn’t it time you let us do the heavy lifting, trading your coins for you? It’s what we do best. Just ask Hedgeweek! They gave us 3 Awards in 2023 for our trading.


  • I will be in Dubai at Token 2049 18 & 19 April – If you are going it would be great to catch up.

Stephen Wundke – Global Business Development Director – Algoz