October Newsletter 2023

Algoz Wins Again – 3 Awards in 2023

I am delighted to be able to advise you that Hedgeweek have awarded Algoz Technologies Ltd (Algoz Market Neutral Fund Class E) winner of the Best 12-Month Risk-Adjusted Performance – New Fund category at the Hedgeweek APAC Digital Assets Awards 2023.

We are incredibly proud of our achievements having now won awards in the US, Europe and the APAC regions and our sincere thanks got to our investors who have trusted us with their assets during the difficult times of 2022 and of course our trading team who have worked tirelessly to deliver returns in the choppy waters of Crypto.

Algoz Re-invents the Hedge Fund for Crypto

We are also proud to announce that during this month we will officially launch Algoz Quant Pro, the vehicle created uniquely by Algoz to replace the Hedge Fund structure.

We have done this because we believe the traditional Hedge Fund is floored when trading Cryptocurrency and simply doesn’t provide enough transparency or flexibility for investors.

With Crypto trading every day, 24 hours a day, having to wait until midway through the following month to find out how your fund performed isn’t good enough. That’s the equivalent of over 3 months in normal trading days. 

We also believe that locking people in for long periods and commingling their assets in Hedge Funds is wrong. Crypto moves too quickly and that creates too much tension for investors.

Our other major concern was Counterparty risk and whilst Algoz avoided the big losses of FTX, Celsius, Voyager, etc, many of our competitors didn’t and their investors lost money – we figured, there had to be a better way.

And finally we wanted to free the investor from the costs incurred in running a traditional Hedge Fund.

These are some of the reasons why we created and will launch this month – Algoz Quant Pro. Unique to Algoz, its features are

  • Your wallet – your assets. Your remain the beneficial owner at all times, we simply trade them as collateral on your behalf – this results in the mitigation of exchange and management counterparty risk
  • No commingling of funds and no gate – your assets when you want them.
  • Strategy flexibility – you choose from one of our four strategies and you can change on a monthly basis.
  • Real time transparency of your assets at all times.
  • An SMA structure that would normally require assets of $10 million+ now available for a minimum investment of just $250,000.
  • Note: this product is only available to Professional/Accredited Investors.

Currently no other provider in the world can offer this level of protection, flexibility and transparency all coupled with award winning and proven trading strategies. We believe this is how all Crypto should and will be traded from now on. Algoz has raised the standard of investment and shown the world how the industry has matured and can now deliver on its outstanding potential. 

Our major partners, Zodia, Bitfinex, Komainu and OKX are all joining with us to celebrate the launch of Quant Pro, We describe it as – A Better, Safer Way to Trade Cryptocurrency.

Algoz Ai Quant Pro Strategy

There is also more good news as later in the month we will launch our Ai Strategy. For those who are aware of the Quant Pro Strategy that returns over 30% on an annualised basis at a Sharpe ratio of almost 3, this has always had a component of Machine learning within the make up. Having tested it for over a year now our Head Trader, Tom Cohen has created a unique mix within the Ai Quant Pro Strategy that is delivering figures way beyond that of our normal strategy.

If you would like to know more about anything in this months newsletter then please use my diary link below and book a time.

I mean this sincerely when I say, Algoz is genuinely leading the way in creating a safer, better way to trade cryptocurrency. You may not decide to trust us with your investment but you simply cant use anyone else because no-one can offer you what Algoz can.

I hope to meet up again soon, there is plenty to talk about.

Stephen Wundke – Global Business Development Director